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About us

Chaochuang Electric Energy (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., which is a new rising company in new energy area, growing rapidly in recent years in China. As a professional manufacturer, integrating independent R&D, production and sales, is mainly engaged in PV Inverters, Energy Storage Inverters, Outdoors Inverters,etc.

CC Energy owns photovoltaic power generation system and laboratory, the core engineers of theR&D team have over 20 years of experiences on inverters. in addition, all our inverter power supplyproducts have been approved by CE test.

The advanced production system and excellent quality control process have enabled us to win the trustand supports of more and more customers.

CC Energy has been committed to the popularization of photovoltaic energy storage system andsending clean energy to the areas lacking in electricity, so that the local people can live a promising lifeAs a result, they are popular among our customers from Europe, Mid-east Asia, Southeast Asia and

Let’s connect, to create a bright future.



Contact:  Winnie Qian
Phone:  +86 188 2528 0903
E-mail:  winnie@inverter-cc.com
Whatsapp: 18825280903
Add:  11/F, Manjinghua Science and Technology Innovation Workshop, Songgang, Bao’an District, Shenzhen

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